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My Vision – Make Mandya chemical free and implement agile farming techniques

IN CONVERSATION WITH MADHUCHANDAN SC Smitha: Why did you start your venture in Mandya? Madhu: When I wanted to come back to India from USA, I had enough opportunities in India. Transition was much easier. But when I look at people who have mass migrated to Bangalore from Mandya for the blue collar jobs, I saw that they don’t have an opportunity to come back to their roots if wanted to. So I wanted to be the change agent for them, hence Mandya. Smitha: That’s a wonderful thought. But why agriculture? Madhu: 25 years back, there was one general hospital...

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Influencing a Million Lives with Mango as Means!!

I was driving past the busy outer ring road and KR Puram junction, saw a couple of fruit vendors selling fresh mangoes and apples. The thought of parking the car to the side crossed my mind, but the mere feeling of hearing unpleasant honking, made me drive past the stalls. I really missed eating those fresh fruits! Also fruits in Bangalore, look all nice and shiny with loads of wax and chemicals, that I always miss biting into a freshly plucked organic succulent mango from the backyard of my grandparents’ home in coastal Karnataka -memories from my childhood days!...

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