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Believe in Ability than in Disability

I had a wonderful opportunity to meet Mahantesh, the founder Managing Trustee of Samarthanam Trust for the disabled, Aryabhatta International awardee and NDTW Spirit of Sport Awardee Shivoo: So how was the match? Mahantesh: We won the match today …Are you aware that our team is the winner of T20 Asia cup ? Shivoo: WoW ! whom did they play against in finals? Mahantesh: <Smiled> It was Pakistan ! Shivoo: How come its not covered by any newspaper? Mahantesh: Thats because its the BLIND T20 Asia Cup Shivoo: <Smiled> I know Mahantesh: My dream is to have an inclusive...

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I am more than an energetic quiz master. I am a SURVIVOR

As we walked along the corridor of IIM Bangalore, I could not help but notice a small placard placed outside a conference room. It read – “Dare to Give?  Join the conversation with the pioneers …Walk in” It was too tempting not to walk in! As I stepped inside the classroom, 5 guys sitting inside greeted me with a smile.  Shivoo: Hi! Just wanted to meet you and wanted to know more about your social initiative 1st Guy (Joseph): Its great that you want to hear us out. Let me introduce myself, I am a MC (master of ceremonies) during the...

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