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Padwoman of India on a mission to support cloth-free period for rural women

You don’t need to be in power or have authority to create change or make peoples lives better. If you have the will, there will be a way. This what I believe in and people around me have supported me on this journey and have been changing gears to move ahead… Read the story of the Padwoman of India – Maya Vishwakarma, and her journey that inspires many across the world. How did you get started on your philanthropy journey? I come from a small village called Mehra Gaon in Narsinghpur district, it’s close to Jabalpur and Itarsi in...

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Wheelchair Cricket by Superheroes

“I strongly believe that sport helps people move out of their comfort zone and do something different.” In conversation with Shiva Prasad and Deve Gowda from Divyaang Myithri Sports Academy. Tell us your story from the beginning – how did it start? Divyaang Myithri Sports Academy is supported by Shiva Prasad, Deve Gowda, Vijay, Dilip Gowda, Shyam Karthi, Neelanjenaiah, Madhusudan and Sarvantarami. In this interview, the YPS team met with Shiva Prasad and Deve Gowda. According to Shiva: When I was young, I used to play gully cricket with the kids in our locality. I used to captain my...

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Blazing her own trail

It’s been more than 15 years since I saw my classmate Bhumika. I was all excited to see her … We met at coffee day square… Bhumika: Smitha, it’s so great to see you! Smitha: Same here, Bhumika. What’s up? Bhumika: Just give me 10 minutes, I need to take this call. For the next 15 minutes, she had her headphones on and was busy on her laptop, while I drank my masala chai. Bhumika: Extremely sorry, I had to keep you waiting. Now, tell me… What’s special in the US? Smitha: I’m surprised to see you leading a...

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One radiologist for a lakh of people; How do you fill the gap?

Surprisingly the drive to reach Whitefield office of Dr.Arjun Kalyanpur was not bad ! As I walked in to his foundation, I could see a diagnostic center, tele radiology department, an outpatient center, a training center and an auditorium all tucked in a nice place. Shivoo: The place looks so vibrant with energy Arjun: <Smiles> A reflection of me I guess Shivoo: How do you manage it all? Arjun: If you love what you do, you can balance work-life easily. My wife, Sunitha is a Chief Dreamer and I am the Chief Pusher in our company and foundation. Our...

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Getting stronger and independent after depression

Whoever meets the boy surely is filled with a sense of purpose. This instantly brings a lot of joy From Homeless to Employed Shivoo: Why do you come to this house so often ? Bhaskar took me to a boy and introduced me to him Boy: hello uncle how are you? Shivoo: Fine, how about you? Boy: <Smiles> Super ! Despite him unable to sit, he made an effort to give me a smile ! Bhaskar: The boy you just met is Rakshit. He is 9yr old now. He was found in a dustbin in Mysore with a huge infected...

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