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Keep Walking to Save Water

“A persistent teen green warrior, creating awareness about the impending water crisis.” In conversation with Sankalp Mohan Sharma, India’s youngest climate reality leader. Tell us your story from the beginning – how did it start? I am in the 12th standard at Frank Anthony Public school. When I was rather younger in the 7th and 8th grade I always wanted to do something more than anybody else in my class was doing. The only opportunities that were available at that time in the 7th and 8th grade I joined a club that was focused on environmental science. We’d work...

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The need is for Environmentally Responsible and Socially Inclusive Waste Management

A recent newspaper article stated that, “As prosperity grows, 62 million tonnes of garbage is generated everyday by the 377 million people living in urban India, now the world’s third-largest garbage generator. ~100k acres  land needed to hold trash of a1B Indians for 25 years. The end-point being 80% of India’s urban waste ends up in rivers. What does this mean for collecting and processing – 60% of urban India waste collected and <5% processed!” With the speed at which India’s metro and tier II cities are growing, there is a lot of waste that is being generated directly...

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My personal mantra is – one does well, by doing good

Shivoo: So Ramesh, how did it all start? Ramesh: As a child I grew up listening to the story written by Bhanubhaktha, a poet and a writer who translated Sanskrit Ramayana to Nepali Language. There were many simple inspiring stories of him which inspired me Shivoo: Any specific ones that come to your mind? Ramesh: In a small village, he sees a farmer cutting grass. Bhanu: What do you do with this grass? Farmer: I will give it to my cow Bhanu: But you have so much. What do you do with the rest? Farmer: I will sell the rest and...

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Share love; it doesn’t cost money, it only multiplies

My friend spoke a lot about Nikki and finally he helped me setup a meeting with her. As I walked into her house that evening, I could not stop but notice a Coconut Shell Medal with her name inscribed …I smiled and asked her Shivoo: So Nikki ..Who are you? Nikki: <Smiled> What have you heard about me? Shivoo: Marathon runner, animal activist, Golfer, A fantastic sales person … Nikki: Yes, depends on what time of the year you catch me! I lead my life horizontal unlike many people who lead a vertical life Shivoo: So how did you...

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My Vision – Make Mandya chemical free and implement agile farming techniques

IN CONVERSATION WITH MADHUCHANDAN SC Smitha: Why did you start your venture in Mandya? Madhu: When I wanted to come back to India from USA, I had enough opportunities in India. Transition was much easier. But when I look at people who have mass migrated to Bangalore from Mandya for the blue collar jobs, I saw that they don’t have an opportunity to come back to their roots if wanted to. So I wanted to be the change agent for them, hence Mandya. Smitha: That’s a wonderful thought. But why agriculture? Madhu: 25 years back, there was one general hospital...

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