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Giving the Gift of Education – Building One School at a Time

If the government schools in rural areas of India are in such a bad condition, it speaks badly about our country. How will the teachers be motivated to teach? How will the kids be motivated to come to school? And how will the parents be motivated to send children to school? Let’s not forget we are talking about the next generation of citizens. Here’s Mr. Vadiraj’s story, founder of “One School at a Time – OSAAT”- an organization that helps rebuild the infrastructure of government schools in rural India. How did you get started on your philanthropy journey? We...

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Meaningful Education for All Must Be a Priority

“My students always told me that I was a subversed teacher. They said somehow you teach in a subversive fashion. I like that.” In conversation with Jyoti Thyagarajan, founder of Meghashala (school on the cloud) How did you get started on your philanthropy journey? Well the philanthropy technically didn’t start until a couple of years back. But it all links back to my teaching career which began a bazillion years ago when I married my husband Tyagu. I began my life as a teacher in Africa where we first lived for about 10-12 years. Teaching is the kind of profession...

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If quality is one’s focus then the concentration is on “how well” the job is done and not “how many”.

As I walk into this bubbly school, Parikrma Foundation, near Ashoka Pillar, Jayanagar, Bangalore, a group of kids playing in the ground run towards me shouting “Anna” (meaning brother), give me a tight hug and return back with a smile. Some kids stayed back with a barrage of questions ranging from “Who am I” to “Did you hear the thunder” to “Why are you so tall?” I was amazed at the outspoken nature and soft skills in these so called “Slum kids” which is rare to see in a reputed private school also …Just then Mrs. Shukla Bose, the...

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The small changes in mindset have a big impact on sustainability

In conversation with Mahathi Parashuram, Head – Public Affairs & Marketing, Grundfos Pumps India Pvt. Ltd Tell me about the philanthropic journey of Grundfos India Grundfos was incorporated in 1945 by Poul Due Jensen. Grundfos Holding A/S is a pump manufacturer which offers sustainable pump solutions to the market. We are a premium pump brand and are a market leader producing over a 16 million pump units. Grundfos Pumps India Pvt. Ltd. (Grundfos India) a wholly owned subsidiary of Grundfos Holdings was established in March 13, 1998. It is responsible for sales of Grundfos products in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan...

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Meet the SEEkers – Part 1

In conversation with the committee members of Tata Sherwood Apartments Owners/Residents Community Tell me about the philanthropic journey of SEE It all started on October 24th, 2014 and as an accident. One of the cook who works in a few of our houses collapsed the day before Diwali. His wife called to tell us that he was hospitalized and in serious condition. Doctor’s diagnosed that he had a hole in the intestine and there was pus. The doctors insisted that he be operated immediately. The hospital drew up a cost of 4.5 lakhs INR. As residents of Sherwood, we decided...

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