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My personal mantra is – one does well, by doing good

Shivoo: So Ramesh, how did it all start? Ramesh: As a child I grew up listening to the story written by Bhanubhaktha, a poet and a writer who translated Sanskrit Ramayana to Nepali Language. There were many simple inspiring stories of him which inspired me Shivoo: Any specific ones that come to your mind? Ramesh: In a small village, he sees a farmer cutting grass. Bhanu: What do you do with this grass? Farmer: I will give it to my cow Bhanu: But you have so much. What do you do with the rest? Farmer: I will sell the rest and...

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If quality is one’s focus then the concentration is on “how well” the job is done and not “how many”.

As I walk into this bubbly school, Parikrma Foundation, near Ashoka Pillar, Jayanagar, Bangalore, a group of kids playing in the ground run towards me shouting “Anna” (meaning brother), give me a tight hug and return back with a smile. Some kids stayed back with a barrage of questions ranging from “Who am I” to “Did you hear the thunder” to “Why are you so tall?” I was amazed at the outspoken nature and soft skills in these so called “Slum kids” which is rare to see in a reputed private school also …Just then Mrs. Shukla Bose, the...

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Borderless is more than an organization name, it’s all about crossing their own limitations.

A conversation with Adhik Kadam, Co-founder Borderless Foundation. How did you get started on your philanthropy journey? I was born and brought up in Poona, after 12th standard, when I was in my first year of graduation, I went on a study tour to Kashmir. I was student of political science and went there to study article 370, the Kashmir pandit crisis, and why they were pushed out of J&K. This was in 1997 and was a 15-20 day program. The 20-day program turned into a three-and-a-half-month program with little resources and money. Post this journey to Kashmir between...

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The small changes in mindset have a big impact on sustainability

In conversation with Mahathi Parashuram, Head – Public Affairs & Marketing, Grundfos Pumps India Pvt. Ltd Tell me about the philanthropic journey of Grundfos India Grundfos was incorporated in 1945 by Poul Due Jensen. Grundfos Holding A/S is a pump manufacturer which offers sustainable pump solutions to the market. We are a premium pump brand and are a market leader producing over a 16 million pump units. Grundfos Pumps India Pvt. Ltd. (Grundfos India) a wholly owned subsidiary of Grundfos Holdings was established in March 13, 1998. It is responsible for sales of Grundfos products in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan...

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Share love; it doesn’t cost money, it only multiplies

My friend spoke a lot about Nikki and finally he helped me setup a meeting with her. As I walked into her house that evening, I could not stop but notice a Coconut Shell Medal with her name inscribed …I smiled and asked her Shivoo: So Nikki ..Who are you? Nikki: <Smiled> What have you heard about me? Shivoo: Marathon runner, animal activist, Golfer, A fantastic sales person … Nikki: Yes, depends on what time of the year you catch me! I lead my life horizontal unlike many people who lead a vertical life Shivoo: So how did you...

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