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Happiness is about fulfilling other people’s dreams

I visited  an NGO in Bangalore for orphaned refugee girls. I asked one of the girls there, “Is there a dream you would like to accomplish?” She said, “I would like to watch a film in a multiplex.” And I had to make that happen. The joy on their faces of watching a movie at the Lido Mall Multiplex is unparalleled. Something so small that we take for granted, is a dream for them. People contributed money and we took them for ‘Beauty and the Beast’. In conversation with Shajan Samuel. How did you get started on your philanthropy...

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Meaningful Education for All Must Be a Priority

“My students always told me that I was a subversed teacher. They said somehow you teach in a subversive fashion. I like that.” In conversation with Jyoti Thyagarajan, founder of Meghashala (school on the cloud) How did you get started on your philanthropy journey? Well the philanthropy technically didn’t start until a couple of years back. But it all links back to my teaching career which began a bazillion years ago when I married my husband Tyagu. I began my life as a teacher in Africa where we first lived for about 10-12 years. Teaching is the kind of profession...

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Making the streets safer, one pothole at a time.

I had the opportunity to meet with Shubhangi and Sanjay Tambwekar the minds and hearts behind The Arundathi Foundation a private non-profit foundation started in memory of their daughter, who passed away in an unfortunate road accident. After the accident, many young individuals came to us and said, “We really didn’t know it was such a big problem”. They all looked up to our daughter Arundathi, and her death really affected them. She did everything right. She wore a helmet despite being a pillion rider, and was still taken away. This is the message we are trying to send...

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Keep Walking to Save Water

“A persistent teen green warrior, creating awareness about the impending water crisis.” In conversation with Sankalp Mohan Sharma, India’s youngest climate reality leader. Tell us your story from the beginning – how did it start? I am in the 12th standard at Frank Anthony Public school. When I was rather younger in the 7th and 8th grade I always wanted to do something more than anybody else in my class was doing. The only opportunities that were available at that time in the 7th and 8th grade I joined a club that was focused on environmental science. We’d work...

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Wheelchair Cricket by Superheroes

“I strongly believe that sport helps people move out of their comfort zone and do something different.” In conversation with Shiva Prasad and Deve Gowda from Divyaang Myithri Sports Academy. Tell us your story from the beginning – how did it start? Divyaang Myithri Sports Academy is supported by Shiva Prasad, Deve Gowda, Vijay, Dilip Gowda, Shyam Karthi, Neelanjenaiah, Madhusudan and Sarvantarami. In this interview, the YPS team met with Shiva Prasad and Deve Gowda. According to Shiva: When I was young, I used to play gully cricket with the kids in our locality. I used to captain my...

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