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Giving the Gift of Education – Building One School at a Time

If the government schools in rural areas of India are in such a bad condition, it speaks badly about our country. How will the teachers be motivated to teach? How will the kids be motivated to come to school? And how will the parents be motivated to send children to school? Let’s not forget we are talking about the next generation of citizens. Here’s Mr. Vadiraj’s story, founder of “One School at a Time – OSAAT”- an organization that helps rebuild the infrastructure of government schools in rural India. How did you get started on your philanthropy journey? We...

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Padwoman of India on a mission to support cloth-free period for rural women

You don’t need to be in power or have authority to create change or make peoples lives better. If you have the will, there will be a way. This what I believe in and people around me have supported me on this journey and have been changing gears to move ahead… Read the story of the Padwoman of India – Maya Vishwakarma, and her journey that inspires many across the world. How did you get started on your philanthropy journey? I come from a small village called Mehra Gaon in Narsinghpur district, it’s close to Jabalpur and Itarsi in...

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